video editing REEL


Over 300 videos and 30k subscribers. I did all the pre-production, production and post-production, including graphics and working with brands. The topics vary from sitting down videos about beauty or talking about different topics, to recipes, travel vlogs and singing. Watch more. 


music videos

My background in singing gives me the tools to make music videos shine. I've worked with up to 50 musicians on screen at the same time. From personal projects to companies like Aeropuertos Argentina 2000, Fundación Wizo, UADE and more. 



Working with other content creators is one of my favorites parts of editing. I get to bring their ideas and brand to their YouTube channel. I've done full videos (like these examples) or just graphics to create a new aesthetic for the channel. 


Udemy or private courses. 



Instagram stories and reels. Food, fashion and others. 


Behind the scenes 






Branding Agency 



Developed the editing style for "El Canciller Live" during its first year. At least 2 daily uploads of weekly 1 minute shows about varying topics (movies, food, traveling, daily news, technology, entertainment and more). I occasionally produced and filmed the episodes.